Cathedral Caves

Cathedral Caves

Our Favourite Dive Site - Cathedral Cave System

Dive site: Cathedral Caves
Depth: 22m
Certification: Advanced Open Water (30m)

A short five-minute boat trip from Pirates Bay and you arrive at the entrance to Australia’s largest salt water cave system, the Cathedral Caves. The ora of the dome greats you with its humble might as you prepare to enter the aptly named Cathedral Dome. Descending to a maximum depth of 22 meters the caves show their beauty with large naturally-lit chambers and coloured walls.

Like many of the great cathedrals the caves have numerous interconnecting passages. Perhaps our favourite, “The Catacombs”. Named so, due to their hive like appearance with tight connecting passage ways that always lead you wanting more.

Inside the caves marine life is a frequent sight. Including Rock Lobsters, Tiger Abalone, Boarfish and schools of Butterfly Perch often seen observing divers. Due to the nature and depth of this dive site we require a minimum certification of Advanced Open Water in order to join.

Be sure to have an adequate torch when planning to dive in the caves. Our suggestion is a good video light. It really brings out the cave contours.

Written: Zachary Pregnell - Dive Master, Go Dive Tasmania