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To make it easier for you, please see the links below that have dive medical forms attached. Go Dive Tasmania will require a diving medical to anyone who submits a yes answer to the medical questionnaire or is 45 years or older.

If you have any questions regarding the diving medical, please contact Go Dive Tasmania either by phone or email.

(03) 6231 9749

Please note: PADI RSTC Dive Medcial can be completed by any willing GP. When you call your GP, be sure to ask for a recreational diving medical. Not all GP's will be willing to complete this, so ensure you ask first. For this reason, we highly recommend the SPUMS Medical below, as the doctors are highly trained in their field and understand diving physiology. 

Please note: SPUMS Dive Medical can only be used at accredited doctors. To find doctors accredited near you, please see the following link: SPUMS Doctor List