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Cressi Wetsuit Glue - Go Dive Tasmania

Cressi Wetsuit Glue

Accessories - Cressi

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This prestigious black impact glue of quick dry is used by Cressi for its suits pasting for decades. It’s made in Italy and has specific composition for neoprene can be distinguished among other glues because of its particular smell.

Provided in 30 g tubes.

Pasting system:

  • clean with alcohol and let dry perfectly both parts,
  • put a glue’s coat and let dry for 5-10 minutes until it doesn’t paste the fingers,
  • paste; for especially important or delicate reparations apply a second coat after the first one is dry. It’s preferred a dry excess between both parts than the contrary, don’t get impatient.
  • paste, press and maintain the pressure minimum two minutes.



Don’t use the pasted element before 24 hours.

Don’t reinforce externally the pasting once it’s done, because the dilute glue acts as solvent.