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Please read through all Course Booking Conditions prior to making a purchase online. By purchasing your course online, you agree to all conditions, including when you purchase combo courses or courses with choose date later options for all participants. 

Course Booking Conditions

  • You must be at least 12 years old.

  • You must have your own transport for the entirety of the course

  • As dives are commonly conducted within National Parks, you should obtain a parks pass for your personal vehicle. You can obtain a parks pass here:
  • You will be required to complete a medical statement which may result in you needing to complete a medical with a doctor.
    Click here to read the PADI RSTC Diving Medical before you book.

  • Anyone age 45 years or over MUST complete a recreational diving medical with a doctor prior to starting their course and acknowledge that it is recommended that you book course dates with adequate time to complete your medical prior to that start date.

  • You must be able to swim at least 200 meters and float for 10 minutes unassisted. A swim test will be conducted first thing during Open Water Courses. Failure to pass the swimming test will result in a cancellation of your course without refund.

  • By purchasing the course online you agree to a non refundable deposit of $245 per person. Refunds will only be given to requests made within 30 days of original booking, less the non refundable deposit. eg. $645 Course - $245 = $400 total refund.

  • Courses are only partially refundable (less $245 non refundable deposit) subject to failing a recreational diving medical and supplying the failed medical to: if within 14 days of start of course, no refunds will be given. If booked onto a combo course, a refund between the difference in value of the next course down will be processed, less the $245 non refundable deposit.
    eg. $1999 course - $1575 course = $424 value difference - $245 non refundable deposit = $179 total refund 

  • No refunds will be given to cancellations within 14 days of start of course.

  • Switching selected courses dates within 14 days of start of course will incur a $245 re-booking fee per person booked. You may only switch selected dates once. Any further requests to change dates will result in a full course payment.

  • Not attending or failing to complete the course will incur a $245 re-booking fee to try again. This is allowed once only within the following 12 month period. Any further attempts will incur a full course charge.

  • Upon booking the course we will contact you via email/phone for you details, please respond in a timely manner to ensure you receive your online learning.
  • If choosing the ADD Advanced Course option, the dates for this course need to be selected once completing your Open Water Course. 

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