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Rental Equipment and Pricing

Go Dive Tasmania has the largest range of Dive Equipment and Snorkel Equipment Rental in Tasmania. All of our BCD's are weight integrated and all Regulator sets have Dive Computers for your safety and convenience. Our scuba Rental Equipment is made up of the top dive brands such as Cressi, Oceanic and BARE along with a range of Freediving Rental equipment at our store in the Hobart CBD.

We like to think we're a little generous with our rental terms, so please make sure you stick to our agreed terms when hiring our dive equipment. All Hire Days are to be collected and returned within our business hours for the specific days hired.

Hire Terms

One Night Hire. This means anytime from today until anytime tomorrow over a period of one (1) night.

Two Night Hire. This means anytime from today until anytime 2 days later over a period of two (2) consecutive nights.

Friday - Monday Hire. This means anytime Friday until anytime Monday or over a period of three (3) consecutive nights.

7 Night Hire. This means anytime today until anytime 1 week later over a period of seven (7) consecutive nights.


Terms and Conditions of Hire

Proof of certification from a recognised agency is required when hiring any scuba related equipment inc. Cylinders, Regulators and BCD's

You will need a valid Australian Drivers Licence or Passport to hire equipment

A rental agreement must be signed and filled at the time of hire. It is the responsibility of the hirer to read the agreement and check equipment prior to leaving the store

The renter acknowledges that he or she is a certified diver and is fit for diving

The renter acknowledges that it is their responsibility to carry spare o'rings for dive cylinders

All rental equipment must be paid for prior to leaving the store

The hirer is liable for lost or damaged equipment at full current retail value

No refunds will be given to equipment returned not used

Equipment must be returned rinsed, wet is more than fine.

All cylinders must have air left when returned. If no air left, a visual cylinder inspection fee of $25 will be charged.

Regulators returned without dust cap correctly on will be subject to a $55 fee. Leaving dust caps of regulators can cause contaminants, water and other particles to enter the 1st stage and cause corrosion and other damage.

Equipment must be returned on agreed date. If equipment is not returned on the agreed date, rental fees will continue on to the nearest rental price. Example. 1 Day hire of a tank is $15, however you don't return it until 5 days later. You will now be liable for the difference in price for the nominal weekly rate. $40 (weekly) - $15 (1 Day already paid) = $25 owing on return. This will continue until equipment is return. If you lose equipment, you will still be liable for the hire rate in above example until payment is made for value of lost equipment.


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