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Salvimar React Fin

Fins - Salvimar

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Salvimar React

The Salvimar React Fins are designed to provide a fin which is affordable and suited to beginner divers. With the inclusion of interchangeable blades, changing over blades and foot pockets is made easy. The blades are constructed from P.P. (polypropylene) material at a 17-degree angle to the foot pocket, using a ribs connection system.

Channelling systems are included along the length of the blade to promote the movement of water from the foot pocket to the blade tip and provide stability. This results in better forward propulsion and manoeuvrability in the water.

The step foot pocket is constructed from a thermoplastic at varying thicknesses to improve the comfort of the dive with the inclusion of an Ergo Heel.


  • Interchangeable blades
  • Ergo heel
  • P.P. Blade
  • Water canalization
  • Step foot pocket
  • Ribs connection system
  • Blade connection system 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Samuel Hobden

Work great and no complaints

Matt Bennett
Fantastic fins!!

Should have changed ages ago from my old ones, these fins are the singularly best change I’ve made since starting free diving.. they gave a good feed of abalone Sunday! Thanks